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Hi I’m Katie Leeper.

I learned to tattoo in 2009 when I took an apprenticeship in Colorado while attending art school. I worked as a tattoo artist until 2011. Unfortunately, the shop closed and I took a long hiatus to finish my degree and raise a family. I recently got back into a tattoo career in June 2022 after being an art educator for 8 years.

I’ve ventured into many aspects of art and art making. I have a BFA with an emphasis in painting and drawing. I’m also a licensed art educator. After leaving the education world I began my adventure back into tattooing and haven’t looked back.

I love to create custom tattoos and enjoy making nature related work, flowers, animals, fine line, geometric, mandalas, ornamental, dot work, bold color, and painterly style pieces. I also enjoy coverups and reworks.

Making appointments

To make an appointment contact me through social media via Facebook/Instagram or email.

Latest work

To view my most recent works you can look through my Instagram:

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