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Hey I’m Mary! I have been interested in art since I could hold a marker, and got serious about pursuing it as a career in high school. Following graduation, I began an apprenticeship in Ames and eventually made my way back to the Des Moines area. I now have over 6 years of experience tattooing and I love having the opportunity to work with awesome people every day! My favorite part of tattooing is helping folks feel like they are able to express themselves and feel more at home in their bodies.

My favorite styles are color neotraditional, realism, and blackwork, and my favorite subject matters to tattoo are pets and animals, pop culture portraits, florals and plants, and anything bright and unusual!

Making appointments

I book a cycle of 3 months then close books in between to catch up. For the latest booking info, see my Instagram @tattoosbymaryrose.

Please email to book:

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